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Crystal is the future in affordable and flexible smart home automation.

Controlled by your smartphone or just standard switches, the options are endless.


A user first approach to smart home automation.

Crystal is dedicated to ensuring you get the best possible solution, tailored to you needs.


Our Diamond Systems are built to suit your home. No matter your requirements, we have a solution. Build your home how you want it, so you can be 100% satisfied.


We believe smart home systems should be available to every Kiwi, thats why we’ve made it as affordable as a standard electrical installation.


Our systems are efficient and require little more power than a standard house. That’s what makes it so smart.


Our Diamond systems are built to make you more comfortable at home. Everything can be automated to how you like it!

HOw We Do it

Built on Diamond

Crystal uses diamond. Diamond is convenient, smart, affordable and energy efficient all bundled up into one cable. It is not just building automation, the benefits go much deeper, it’s comfort and lifestyle. Our system is the whole house, Power, Lights, Data, Tv and much more. We do the whole package.

Diamond has a massive range of functionalities from lighting to heating to security and much more, if you can imagine it then we can do it.


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